A Non-runner’s Running Plan

It’s been a week now since I’ve been training properly for the next ultra. Except I’m not much of a runner, and I don’t have time to spending hours running every day, and I don’t want to get injured, and I have other non-running fitness goals too.

My program looks like this:

Mon: General conditioning or running intervals
Tue: Clean (1-3 reps), Squat (1-4 reps), Upper body/Core if time, Conditioning
Wed: Kettlebell work (strength and conditioning)
Thu: Hills
Fri: Deadlift (1-4 reps), Single leg work if time (4-8 reps), Barbell complex, Some other conditioning
Sat: Med-long run or Trail run
Sun: Kettlebell work (strength and conditioning)

So there are 2-3 runs in there. The weekend run includes hills too. I know to run faster I need to run more, but I also need to increase my cardio fitness and I find body weight and kettlebell work do that the best with no risk of injury. I also have a pipe dream of entering a kettlebell comp so that fits in well. So far this week I have PB’d in the clean, squat and kettlebell snatch!

Today was hill day and I threw myself in the deep end for a Volcanic Hills Balls Of Steal run. Just an out and back today. It was very tough but I managed the return trip 3.5 minutes faster! It is so pretty out there. It was just me, the kangaroos and a fox.


3 thoughts on “A Non-runner’s Running Plan

  1. anna

    Sometimes I walkink too, but I'm pretty sure my mortality risk is 100% no matter what.Your ads are hilarious. Maybe I will buy a pink cover for my HTC to avoid radiation, but I wont click your affiliate link to get it 😉


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