1000 Steps again

Yesterday I met up with Kate again for the 1000 Steps. She knows even way crazier people than I have ever come across and this time she brought her friend Andrew along. He had just completed the 170km Marysville to Melbourne paddle/bike/run race last weekend. Solo.

We went up the 1000 Steps 3 times again. The first time up the stairs Andrew ran them. Not me or Kate though. It seemed much easier this time, although I didn’t want to suggest a 4th rep. According to my watch the first rep was a minute slower but the 2nd and 3rd reps were about a minute faster than last week. It’s amazing what a little bit of training does for your fitness!

I’ve got more plans to head up that way for a group run or two over Easter. Meanwhile I am focusing on training hard at the gym. I hit another squat PB today. I want to get my squat up to 80kg this year and my deadlift up to 120kg. Just as much mental strength as physical strength required. Hopefully it wont take too long to get there.


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