1000 Steps

This morning I met up with Kate at the 1000 Steps in the Dandenongs. Kate runs much more serious and crazy hardcore runs than I do, and she wanted to do 3 repeats of the steps.

The first time up was pretty good, and we decided to run down the Lyrebird track to make it a nice loop. I felt good after that but then it was time for round 2! Here I slowed down a bit, and after running back down the track I would have been quite happy if Kate suggested we’d had enough. But like I said, she’s a bit hardcore, and she was training for The North Face 100, whereas I don’t really train.

Half way up for the 3rd time I started to get dizzy. Actually I woke up feeling dizzy yesterday, have had a headache for over 24 hours and same with the dizziness thing. The run cleared me up a bit but I think I just got fatigued here. I was so glad to get the 3rd lap done!

It took us 1 hour 23 minutes and it was really tough. But I guess this is what real ultra runners do for training! Now that I’ve recovered, it was quite fun! I’ll have to head out that way more often for some runs.

Unfortunately the Wilsons Prom run was cancelled due to floods. An alternate run in the Alps is on offer but logistically that would be a pain in the wallet. So what to do next? I really feel the need to enter something asap but don’t know what!


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