Maroondah Dam 2011 – volunteering

I’ve wanted to do the Maroondah Dam run for a while now, but I hate running in hot weather and this year I felt my conditioning not up to scratch to tackle the hills. So this year I decided to volunteer.

I was at the 25km aid station with Bruce and Gilda. We had a table full of sports drink, water, jelly beans, snakes, chocolate, salt, fruit cake, chips, sandwiches, oranges and bananas. It was a smorgasboard of ultra food!

We were taking photos, ticking off names as they went through and constantly topping up supplies. It was super busy and a real frantic hive of activity! We got into a good rhythm with Gilda taking photos, Bruce filling cups and me ticking off names.

Gilda also drove further down the course a few times to pick up several injured runners. Once she had 3 DNFs and the flow of runners started to slow, she drove them back to the finish.

Soon enough the rain and fog set in. We sat in the car, only getting out when the occasional runner went past. In the afternoon Andy, the sweeper, came through and we could pack up our soggy chips and fruit cake and drop all the gear off at the finish.

It was a great event and fun being part of it. My fellow aid station-ers were great people and we worked well together. I will definitely volunteer again in the future and highly recommend it!


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