I’m hoping to beat my achilles issue once at for all. So this week I started doing daily exercises for it. I’ve always believed everything comes down to form, and if your form is not 100% then you’ll get injured. I’ve been working on my bad leg, making it do the same as my good leg, but lately I’ve found it hard to tell if the bad leg is doing the right thing or just running any way that will avoid pain. Since it’s never relaxed, I know it’s not right.

I’m not convinced my stupid achilles exercises will work but it’s cheaper doing them than going back to the physio only to be told to do them again.

The result is my achilles is more sore than ever. Yesterday I went out for my long run but 3kms into it my achilles still hadn’t warmed up so figured it was best to turn around and go home before it was too late. So no long run this weekend. This was so disappointing, especially since I decided to enter the Wilsons Prom Ultra. Running up hills doesn’t seem to be a problem so I’ll have to do more hill repeats and work more with the kettlebells to increase my fitness.


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