Perfect HTFU weather!

Thanks to tropical cyclone Yasi it is pouring with rain here. Perfect htfu weather for a character building run! Today I head out for 17km. The Plenty River, which was just a mere trickle last year, was very full, and I think most of the bridges will be submerged by the end of the day. The Main Yarra Trail was ankle deep in water most of the way! I only came across one crazy cyclist and one mad runner out there today. It was great!

I know in the last post I mentioned not getting carried away entering every race that piqued my interest… but when I saw that entries opened this week for the Wilsons Prom Ultra I couldn’t help myself! So I entered the 60km option. It’s on at the end of April so I really have to htfu, increase my aerobic conditioning and be mentally ready to handle tough conditions. I think it’s rainy and windy at that race every year so I’ve gotta be prepared!


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