Five Fingers Trek Sports

Yesterday evening I took my new Trek Sports out for a walk. There was a fair amount of rocky gravel and some single trail too. Conditions were perfect so there was no mud or anything slippery to really test their limits.

The aggressive tread on the Trek Sports (with upper made of coconut fibre, not kangaroo skin like the KSO Treks) gave excellent grip and it was very easy to get around on the gravel and trail. The coconut fibre is super comfortable and it felt like I was wearing lovely soft slippers. I like how the strap does up, without putting pressure on my achilles. There is a 4mm EVA midsole plus the 4mm Vibram outsole. Because of all this stuff in between you and the ground, there is almost no ground-feel. Although it really doesn’t feel like a whole 8mm, for those who like the ‘barefoot’ feel of the thinner Five Fingers, the Trek Sports probably have too much sole material. Most of the tread is built up around the forefoot and toes so it strangely felt like a negative heal drop. I haven’t given them a good go running yet so can’t comment how that might affect things.

I will give these a good go running sometime soon. I can see these being great trail shoes in perfect conditions, but we’ll see how they handle rain and mud. Without a doubt these will be my new bush walking shoes! You don’t need super tough feet to handle tough terrain in these and I have always said I am too lazy to bother building up my feet toughness. I can’t wait to hit the trails more in these.


4 thoughts on “Five Fingers Trek Sports

  1. run to live

    Yeah!I just ran 82km in a trail ultramarathon on boxing day on my second wear…it provides v good grip on muddy grounds and good underfoot protection again big rocks and poking stonesinsanet@z


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