New Five Fingers: Bikilas & TrekSports

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas! You can never have too many Vibram Five Fingers and Santa knows that too, so I was pretty happy to get not one but two pairs!! The Bikila and the Trek Sport:

Straight away I noticed both have excellent grip. Both my Sprints now have holes in the upper, and since I am wearing FFs on all my runs at the moment, the Bikila and the TrekSport will be my new shoes of choice.

I took the Bikilas out for a spin today. These are designed specifically for running. The grip is just amazing compared to my old Sprints. They are sooooo comfortable. The material is super soft and the heal just fits around my tender achilles perfectly, making my (hopeful) recovery a smooth ride. There is much less ground feel than the Sprints, but that is not an issue for me. I just need something super light, super flat and super comfy. The Sprints will stay as my walking shoes and the Bikilas will be my new road racing shoes.

The Trek Sports have a more aggressive tread and are better suited to rougher conditions. I will test them out on some trails soon.


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