Toolangi Forest run

Today I met up with the north eastern hill seekers, Rob and Tony, at Toolangi Forest to do an 18km loop down the Tanglefoot Track and back up Quarry Track. The map had a slight problem with the creeks and mini creeky things marked differently so we ended up on the road after that but it could have been all trail. It’s a lovely forest area with ferns and lots of fallen trees across the track. It’s nice and quiet, and we only came across 2 walkers out there.

Rob and Tony are both amazingly super fit strong runners, so lucky they could keep up with me! My conditioning sucks so much I resorted to walking up most of the steep hills. As the run progressed, I gave up on hills altogether and even the not-so-steep hills slowed me to a walk.

Click to enlarge

We came across this awesome bunch of streams, or maybe it was one big crazy stream, where there was a boardwalk so you could walk over the top of the water. It stopped us in our tracks. I thought I’d take a picture with my phone… but my phone was no longer in my pocket! Oh well, didn’t like it anyway.

Once back to the car I noticed blood streaming down my legs from leeches. Five bites in total.

After sending out emails to my students and clients, few of which know my landline, I planned which phone I want to get next and looked up the number to call my provider. Before calling them I gave my phone a ring and one of the walkers we passed earlier answered. Turns out he lives just the next suburb from me so I’ve still got my crappy phone after all.

I plan to head back to the amazing streams and take some good photos with our good camera.


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