2.5 hours in the sun

Last night I realised there are only 4 weeks left until the Bruny Island Ultra and I thought I better do something about it. So I told my partner that when I got up this morning, he was instructed to kick me out the door before I got lazy and decided I couldn’t be bothered. It worked.

I went out for an easy paced 2.5hr hilly run. I have not done a training run this long since September! My legs felt fine and hadn’t lost any endurance, which was great considering my lack of distance lately, but I felt fatigued like my conditioning was not up to scratch again. Dead lifts yesterday morning and some impromptu sprints in the evening didn’t help.

It was pretty hot in the sun and towards the end I felt a bit nauseous and had to lie down when I got home. Even after an hour nap my heart rate was still pretty high but at least I could function.

The plan for the rest of November is to continue weekend runs of 2.5 hours and ramp up my conditioning during the week. My experiment this year of not doing low heart-rate runs to build a base didn’t work. Once Bruny is done I need to focus on getting my aerobic base back for a few months with the long slow boring stuff.


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