New trail shoes: New Balance 101

This week I received my latest order from Zombie Runner – the new WT101 (MT101 for men). I really wanted something lightweight, minimal and that could handle tough terrain.

At 175g they are fairly light, slightly heavier than the Nike Free 3.0, but not as heavy as the Nike Waffles. It’s interesting that a trail shoe can be lighter than a racing flat.

They do have a noticeably raised heel, but I think it’s probably only noticeable for those of us who usually get by with dead flat shoes. It actually works out quite well for me while I sill have achilles issues. The insole is not removable though so if I want something flatter for the trails, I’ll just have to wait for the New Balance Minimus line which is due for release next year. These are also higher off the ground than I am used to (15-25mm) but it didn’t take me too long to forget about it.

I took them for a short run on the trails around Blue Lake. They’ve got excellent grip on the technical sections, although there was no mud for me to give that a go. They fit a bit snug for my liking but I don’t think anything will fit as perfect as my Adizero Pros. I’ll wear thinner socks next time. I can’t wait to give them a go on a longer trail run with more technical bits.


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