New lifting shoes

I’ve been on a bit of a shoe shopping spree over the past week. Recently I got some new Do-Win weightlifting shoes. They are basically the same as the Pendlay shoes but cheaper. And even cheaper still since I get them at trade price 🙂

It may seem strange for a runner who likes flat shoes to get lifting shoes with a heel but for someone with long femurs and who is totally inflexible, these have been so helpful in making sure I achieve proper squat depth each time. I’m sure I would miss depth at least once in each squat session. Of course now I’ve had to take a piece of humble pie and drop the weight a bit since I’m going full range each and every time. The shoes are also great for cleaning, or specifically for me at least, catching the clean.

So now I am the poser at the gym who goes in with two pairs of shoes coz I don’t want to get my lifting shoes dirty from the carpark to the gym floor and so I can do my crazy conditioning work in my Volleys after I’m done lifting.

But it’s not all in vain. I’m improving in all lifts and getting better at the explosive lifts. I am generally as explosive as a snail so in time this work should translate to better running efficiency and speed.


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