Making the Garmin 305 go the distance

I’m not sure what the battery life on the Garmin Forerunner 305 is supposed to be but mine only lasts about 6.5 hours now. This is no good if you plan to run longer and you want a pretty map and all the graphs that come with it.

Today I got this recharger that will charge it on the go with either 2 x AA or 2 x AAA batteries! You can also recharge your batteries with it from the computer and it comes with lots of adapter thingies to make it useful for your phone, camera, or whatever else you have that needs charging.

The only problem with running a long way is I’ve read that Sporttracks wont upload files longer than 18 or 20 hours or something like that. I’m not sure but there may also be a limit on the length of time the Garmin will record. I plan to hit the lap button when I plug the charger in so that hopefully I can split the laps for upload and stick em back together.

Anyone have any tips on this?


4 thoughts on “Making the Garmin 305 go the distance

  1. Andy Bowen

    Hi AnnaThis is the only problem I've had with my Garmin, and they haven't addressed it with the 405.My solution was a pricey one, I bought a second! It's really good for long races though, as there is nothing worse than having 10 hours of an 11 hour run recorded – especially as you want to be able to see the graphs of your sprint finish!!! The down side is that your results are in more than one file.Your solution is probably as good as any. You may be able to download the full results to the Training Center software, and perhaps compress it or something similar and then upload to Sporttracks, but I'm not sure how or if it can be done.Good luckAndy

  2. anna

    It will be really interesting to see what I think is a sprint finish is when the graph tells me otherwise!I briefly considered the 310, but I think I'll wait til I can no longer record 50ks before I spend that kind of money.

  3. Andrew(ajh)

    My 405 is down to about 4.5 hours battery life now. For me that doesn't present a problem for running, but does for my bike rides. So my solution was to buy a Garmin Edge 500 bike version which has 18 hours.Where did you get the little charger thing from?


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