Run home from work

For the first time in a while I had a weeknight free so ran home from work last night. The plan was to hit the trails and follow the river all the way home so I could test my new headtorch on the single trail, and also see how it felt using the middle strap over the top of the head.

I took a favourite route that I don’t get to often.

And took some new trails in too.

I wasted time on a trail that went in a complete circle so I decided I couldn’t be bothered running along the river all the way home coz it would be pretty late by the time I made it so I just hit the streets for the rest of the way. I forgot that the purpose of this run was to test the torch on single trail and it wasn’t dark yet. I’m not concerned though.

It got dark as I got closer to home and I saw some people running around with headtorches on. Damn! Missed another Street-O. One day I will go! This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to run around with my headtorch.

I put my headtorch on for the last few kms when I got to some dark streets, including a short cut that’s rough underfoot and has no lighting. It took a minute to get used to the extra strap but it felt pretty secure and surprisingly comfortable.

The lighting is pretty good. Last year at GOW I used dad’s headtorch which you can either set to a focus or diffuse beam. I couldn’t see much. My new Fenix has a focus spot, but also a broader beam at the same time. Since I can’t see anything at night, this is perfect for me. The lighting settings are also very good and I surprised myself by not needing the brightest setting on the streets.

The torch also turned out pretty handy because usually I am blinded by oncoming traffic and everything just goes pitch black for me and I have to stop. Last night was great, because I could still see the focus bit of the beam on the ground and didn’t have to stop every time a car went past.

When I got home I was so exhausted. Maybe it could be to do with having DOMS in my calves. Or maybe it could be from eating low carb. I will post more about my nutrition experiments later.


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