Form and technique

I came across this interesting video on running form on the Crossfit Endurance website:

You need to be pretty fit to implement some of the changes they look at. If you reduce your vertical bounce and increase your stride distance, you will obviously be able to go much faster. But could your heart rate keep up with yourself?

Speaking of which, my conditioning has gone to shit. My legs are strong, but my poor cv fitness will be what holds me back at GOW this year.


4 thoughts on “Form and technique

  1. Andy Bowen

    Hi AnnaYou may be surprised how easy it is to adjust your form, as it's all about conditioning and strengthening those supporting muscles around your hips and knees. A few reps of specific exercises 3 times a week can be enough to bring them back into the game and alter your mechanics. I find that just being conscious of which muscles you should be using in your training runs is enough to make a difference. The old habits will come back, but less often the more you practice.Don't worry about your CV fitness, it's like riding a bike, it's always there, just go steady at GOW. That's probably a good thing anyway to make you start slower!Best of luck at GOW, I'm ramping things up for GNW in Nov and have opposite challenge that CV is good but strength could improve – and I'll need it, there are plenty of long steep tough hills.

  2. anna

    I have a slight change to make in my form – it's much tougher than a dramatic change. I'm getting there though.Are you going GNW 100km or miles? I would love to do that one day. It's funny you need better strength for the hills. I just need more cv fitness for the hills.

  3. Andy Bowen

    100 miler for me. Got some unfinished business from last year!Took a pee on the overnight section and it was the colour of coke, so thought it best to step aside rather than lose a kidney in exchange for a medal! 135kms wasn't too bad I guess, but it's not as good as 175kms (which is the race distance, about 108 miles)!

  4. anna

    How exciting! At this point I couldn't consider 100miles – maybe because it's always more than that. Can't wait to read more about your training and how you go with it


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