New gear!

This week my order from Zombie Runner arrived! I needed a headtorch for the GOW in October and always have to pick up a few extra things when I order from them. I got a Fenix HP10 headtorch, an Ultimate Direction 10oz hand held water bottle, and a book on the Barkley Marathons.

I tested the head torch during the week. Without the batteries, when you put it on it is so light it doesn’t weigh anything! I actually weighed it while it was on my head and it was 0 grams. Fantastic! Then I put the batteries in and it was about 5kg. I didn’t wear the middle headstrap and that meant the battery pack did weigh it down and pull near the back of my head. This will be a dilemma as I will have to change my hairstyle so I can wear the middle strap. I don’t like low pony tails or plaits coz I can’t stand things on the back of my neck when I run but that will probably be the only way I can get around this middle strap. I’ll give that a go next week.

As for the lighting, it was pretty good. I only ran on a bike path so it was very clear, and I knew it very well. I should probably give it a go on some single trail, but I think it will be ok. It will light up 120 lumens for 7.5 hours and I don’t plan to be in the dark longer than that at GOW.

Today I used the small handheld bottle. Since my long runs are now time based, and at 2.5hours, I wanted a small handheld bottle. That time is not long enough for me to be bothered with a Camelbak, but I still get a headache after that time if I haven’t had anythink to drink. It’s adjustable so you really don’t need to grip it at all. And it has a pocket, which as you can see, fits my house key, and more if I needed.

I’ve wanted to read the Barkley Marathons book for a while now. The Barkley is the toughest ultra in the world. The run started in 1986 and to date only 9 runners have ever finished. There are so many quirks about this run – it is a completely bizarre concept and I recommend reading some race reports of this to get an idea, or even just find out how to enter! I look forward to reading the book.


4 thoughts on “New gear!

  1. Andy Bowen

    Hi AnnaOne other tip if you are going to be running on trails with a head torch. You may want to test it on rough terrain because your eyes are so close to the source of the light you don't get to see any shadows cast by any rocks, branches, possums, etc. I use a hand held torch as well, held at waist height The head torch for general illumination and the hand torch to pick out where I put my feet.Not necessary on flat tracks and roads, but can help avoid a good poleaxing on the trails (I know from experience – mind you I ran into a tree!)Best of

  2. anna

    Thanks Andy. I have terrible night vision and need all the help I can get! I have a couple of LEDS that fit around my fingers that I'll use to light up near my feet. But you're right, I should test the headtorch on a real trail. Probably in the next couple of weeks.


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