I’ve been having a hard time trying to get up early for my long run on the weekends. I prefer to sleep for 12 hours to catch up from the week but I dragged myself out of bed after 10 hours this morning for my long run.

My long runs are now time based and I don’t plan to run longer than 2.5 hours. That means I wont be running to exhaustion and not aggravating my achilles more than necessary. It also means that hopefully I’ll be able to run a bit faster, and because I am too lazy to carry stuff, I wont have to bring any water.

So today I headed out for 2.5 hours. My achilles weren’t happy, especially with the 4km uphill slog home, but other than that I felt fine.

After my shower I felt a bit nauseous and had to lie down for an hour. It’s hard to know what caused this because the actual run wasn’t strenuous. Was it because I only got 10 hours sleep, and needed that extra bit? Or because I wasn’t very hungry yesterday and only ate about 1200 calories, half of that being beer and takeaway?


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