Is there such thing as a Quick Fix?

On Thursday I went to the physio and begged him for a quick fix for my achilles so I’d be ok for the Tan Ultra next weekend. Well, he did his quick fix but I’m not sure it was as good as last time.

Went for a test run this morning – Intervals at the track. Right achilles fine; left so-so. Didn’t do any hills apart from the warm up and cool down so really can’t say for sure. Just hope the Anderson St hill at the Tan doesn’t cause too many problems.

It was such a beautiful morning. Frosty and sunny. And there were lots of people out on the track walking, running, or just walking their dogs!! I was not into having to get out of the way of a stupid yappy thing charging towards me. I tried to point it to go in a different direction but it didn’t understand. Never come across a dog who doesn’t understand that. Who walks their dogs on a running track anyway? The running track is next to endless walking trails along the river. I looked for a No Dogs sign but there was only a No Rollerblading sign.

So now all that is left for me to do today is wait for entries to open tonight for my fav race! I’ve got the website open, alarm set, and ready to hit refresh at the time!

After the Tan I think I will revise my training AGAIN to come up with a plan for the next one. I am finding the whole getting-up-early thing while working long hours very tiring so it’s hard to find a balance between running, weights and metabolic conditioning. Not sure how essential running much is. The weights are essential for leg strength and recovery from ultras. But now my legs outrun my lungs so need to make more time for kettlebells so I can get fit again.


2 thoughts on “Is there such thing as a Quick Fix?

  1. Big Al's Health and Fitness

    While you dealt with dogs on the track, which hell there would have been flying furballs if they got in my way, I was yelling at the ignorant owners who turn a blind eye to fofo shitting on the path and walking away. "but it couldn't be my dog" they'd say. Next time I will chase them with it on a stick!


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