Sri Chinmoy Craptacularly Not 30km

Yesterday was the Sri Chinmoy 30km. I did this 2 years ago and was very happy with my time (something like 2:46 from memory) and for some reason I thought I could get sub 3 hours again, even though I run less.

When my alarm went off I could hear the wind and the rain outside. It was horrible, but I tried to have faith in the SC promise of fine weather. They did a good job but I think the weather was too much for them this time. It was raining at the start but it did manage to clear after 5km. This is the first race in over 5 years (possibly more) that it has rained during a Sri Chinmoy event.

The course is 6 laps of Princes Park. I think I like the laps as it is much easier mentally counting to 6 than it is to 30. But that bugger of a hill near the train station is not nice to do so many times.

I decided to hover around 5:40min/km in order to get under 3 hours. For the first 2 laps this was ok but the 3rd lap was a bit of a struggle. By the time I had done the 4th lap I was ready to call it a day but still pushed on, trying to convince myself that 2 more laps was not much, although I no longer had sub 3 hours in mind. On the fifth lap my legs just fell appart. My hamstrings and calves just started burning and I had to walk up the hill to the train station. It was a bit of a hobble after that and I knew my legs were not going to get better. I started walking some more, occasionally stopping to stretch, and decided to call it a day at 25kms. I was not going to walk the last 5km and I knew there was no more running left in the legs. This was the exact same I’m about to cramp pain that I had at Frankston to Portsea earlier this year.

So now I wonder:

  • Was it dehydration?
  • Lack of magnesium?
  • Road running?
  • Wearing Five Fingers when I haven’t worn them on any long runs this year?
  • I this it is because it was on the roads not the trails. I seem to do much better on trails walking up hills and running the rest. If this is the case, I don’t know how I’ll cope with the Tan Ultra in a fortnight.


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