Pipeline Track

I was in Hobart this weekend so decided to do a bit of a run up the mountain. I am also thinking about doing the Point to Pinnacle run this year and thought I should give myself a taste of it.

I ran up Ridgeway Rd, which was 5km of relentless uphill. After that there were a couple of kms of undulations, although still mostly uphill to Huon Rd where I took the Pipeline track back down. This led to Gentle Annie’s Falls. The only thing gentle about going down this waterfall is that there is no water, just steep sandstone steps. You can see it on the elevation profile at around 9km – the vertical drop down. From there I took some trails around the Waterworks and headed back home. It was very nice running downhill after all the up!


4 thoughts on “Pipeline Track

  1. Atticus Parker

    Forgive my ignorance but I am new to running – How did you get the graph of your run?Looks like a gruelling but satisfying run. Do you take a backpack to hold your camera and stuff or do you use one of those runner waist bags?

  2. anna

    I use a GPS watch to record my runs. It is cool seeing the maps and graphs afterwards!I only take a pack on long runs. In this case, I wore Race Ready tights – they have lots of pockets. I just use my phone because I don't have a small camera. Plus I have dropped my phone so many times, I don't think a real camera would like that.


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