Attack of the Mega Hills

I was out of town last weekend, and will be again this coming weekend so decided to get some kms in the bank during the week.

I ran to work this morning. It was a pretty good run and the 2.5kg pack didn’t slow me down too much. It’s nice running amongst the horses during peak hour when you are really not far from the city.

I’ve run either to or from work on a semi regular basis, but never done both in one day. I was a little undecided whether to catch the train or run home. It’s 17.5km each way. After a heap of chocolate for afternoon tea I decided I would run home. They say 17.5km x 2 does not equal 35km. Most people would say it’s about the same as 25km in the legs in one go. Well throw in a few Mega Hills, DOMS from gym the previous day, and an inadequate diet of chocolate, this seemed more like 50km. My left calf was cramping big time and I was attempting some running type movement in slow motion. Half way up the last of the Mega Hills, I called A to pick me up, but he wasn’t answering his phone! So I had to crawl home at a snail’s pace. It took me 10 mins longer to get home than it did to run in.

It was an interesting experience. And I think I’m going to give it another go on Thursday.


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