Run to work

I decided on a whim to run to work today for the first time this year. Last year I really found the 3kg pack with all my stuff in slowed me down and I found the 17.5km quite fatiguing.

Today my calves were really tight from 60 squat jumps yesterday so I wasn’t sure how they’d like a medium distance run with a few mega hills at the start. My traps are killing from something, maybe deadlifts mixed with some other pulling, so wasn’t sure how they’d like having a pack rest of them for that distance. There was constant rain this morning, so it really should’ve been a horrible run.

But it actually turned out well. The pack didn’t slow me too much so I was well under 2 hours, my sore muscles didn’t bother me at all while running and even though I struggled to get out of bed I had a good amount of energy and managed to pick up the pace towards the end.


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