Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 5km

Today I did the Sri Chinmoy 5km. I was concerned about the weather as it was forecast for wind and rain. It never rains at SC events but I didn’t want to battle the wind like in Frankston to Portsea the other week.

It turned out to be a fabulous calm, cool, sunny day. Perfect for really seeing where I’m at. I was expecting to be just sub 25mins, but secretly hoping for closer to 24mins.

I did some foam rolling before the run and I think it really helped. I wore my Five Fingers and had no achilles problems at all so it was a completely pain free run.

The first 2 kms were good splits at 4:36 and 4:37 and they felt quite comfortable. I started to get tired around 1/2 way and had to use more effort for a 4:47 3km split. I struggled with the little incline near the train station. My HR was so high on the flat run home and even though my legs had the strength to do more I really couldn’t go any faster. Made it in 23:50 by my watch. I think that’s my 2nd fastest 5km so nothing to complain about there. It wasn’t fast enough for an age placing though 😦 so I was unsocial and didn’t bother sticking around after.


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