Running an ultra with no specific training

Tomorrow I’m doing the Frankston to Portsea 55km. This race has a long history based on Percy Cerutty’s interesting training methods so I am really looking forward to taking part in this slice of running history.

The only thing is I haven’t trained for it.

Over the past few months my weekly training has looked like this:

Deadlift x 1
Squat x 1
1 other lift (eg push press, front squat etc) x 1
Kettlebells x 1-2
Other metabolic training such as TRX, ropes, bodyweight x 2-3
Running – hills x 1
Running – intervals x 1
Running – medium distance 10-25km x 1

Looking at that outline, it doesn’t even look like I’m training for running. It just looks like general fitness. And if you were told that is a running program, what distance could it possibly be? 10km? Half marathon?

I have not run over 25km this year. This is mainly because my goal races are months away so I haven’t been bothered, it takes up time, I’m too lazy to take water on the run, and I’ve been very busy this year so sometimes opting for a sleep in instead.

I know I can do 55km, but how will it go? Will I crash and burn at 30km? Will my ITB play up like at my last ultra? Will my head hang low as I stumble last to the finish line? Can I run the whole distance? Can I maintain a lively pace? Could I possibly even do it well?

Who knows. We’ll find out tomorrow 🙂


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