22 months of achilles pain GONE

For a the past few weeks I’ve had some issues in one of the patella tendons in my right knee. It was painful at times and started to be felt while running. Last weekend I attended a kettlebell workshop and when I couldn’t kneel on it to do TGUs, the instructors recommended a physio.

So on Thursday I went to see Andrew Lock in Hawthorn. I had high hopes since he was recommended by people I respect, so I thought I’d also mention this ongoing achillies problem in the hope he’d have some thoughts on that.

While sitting in the waiting room I browsed some of the titles on the shelves.

He did some tests on my legs and I seemed fine. So a little digging into lower back later, and my achilles was fixed!! He explained the science behind it. Stuff to do with nerves and stuff. I was in shock really.

All Friday I kept poking it, expecting it to hurt at any moment, but nothing!

Today was a lovely day for a run.

Even after 25km of hills – something that would normally aggravate the achilles – I was not limping. No problems at all. Unbelievable!

I’ve still got 2 weeks til I next see him, so that’s 2 weeks to see if I can stuff it up again. Not that I want to, I just can’t believe it was fixed so quickly.


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