New shoes! Adizero PR

I was so excited today I got to try out my new Adizero PRs. I have been wanting these for sooooo long and they are now discontinued but I managed to find them online. (They still crop up on eBay if you’re interested). When they arrived, the box felt so light, it felt empty! They even felt lighter than my Five Fingers but I couldn’t believe that was possible. So I weighed them on the bathroom scales but they were too light to register! So I got out the kitchen scales and weighed all my shoes. From lightest to heaviest, this is what I have:

Overall I find the fit of the PRs pretty good. I like the fit of the PROs better as they are slightly wider around the ball of the foot. But the PRs are not too narrow and I had no blisters.

I took the PRs out for 14km – a mix of road, trail, hills, rocks and a water crossing. They are really stable on rough ground and being such open mesh, they dry quickly after being soaked. After the run I checked the sole and saw signs of wear already after 1 use! So I’m a bit concerned how long they will last, especially as they are to be my main shoe of choice (FFs still for track and short races). We’ll see over time.


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