Vibram Five Fingers – Where do you wear yours?

I’ve been running in Vibram Five Fingers for a couple of years now. I mix up my footwear a bit during the week but always wear them while training on the track and in short races.

A few weeks ago I saw some people wearing them at an outdoor dance party. This was the first time it occurred to me that people might wear them for a non sporting activity.

Sometimes I wear mine gardening.

Where do you wear yours?


11 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers – Where do you wear yours?

  1. Ryan Graham

    I wear mine any time I'm not barefoot, which is (sadly) any time I go out. Vibram FiveFingers are the only shoe I wear these days. Including at work and my hours spent riding on public transit to/from work.

  2. justin

    I did your header graphic — very cool.I wear my VFFs just about everywhere. I only really forgo them when I need to for style reasons. But these days I'm in VFFs probably 90% of the time I leave the house.

  3. shenx

    I wear my vibram five fingers while im running,climbing, scrambling up a rocky bluff,bounding along a riverbank and seashore, i love to wear it cuz its comfortable but i can't wear it while at work. ^_^


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