So it’s Sunday and I finally managed to drag myself out for my second run this week. It was about 27 degrees at 6:30am so instead of the max effort runs I’ve been focusing on this month I just took it easy. I was sporting my new unbelievably cool Punk Rock Racing cap that Ron at sent me this week. His Punk Rock Racing website will be up soon with some super cool racing gear and I can’t wait to get some.


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  1. D.Jones

    Hey Anna,any chance I could get you to give me your two bits on running…I want to talk about you in my blog…send me an email at …if you don't mind. I really want to know about what your approach to footwear is, your thoughts on barefoot running–how you like it, etc. What lead you to the minimalist approach? What your race history/experience/goals are. Who you are,etc…and anything else you want to talk about. Pics too please. So, what do you say my new running friend from Down Under…can I feature you on my blog? Let me know, πŸ™‚ Diana


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