I’ve been struggling on my long runs since I started my new training plan. I think it’s a combination of the weather and also a lot of high intensity stuff at the gym. Still working out the best days for heavy squats so they don’t affect my interval or hill running too much. And also working out which days are best for double workouts and which combinations go best so I can put max effort in.

This morning I woke up hungry but made a quick getaway before I gave in and ate breakfast to do my short-long run of 14km. My legs were just so exhausted and I was finding it pretty tough at 6:30am already 20 degrees and 99% humidity.

I found a little trail off the main Plenty River trail and decided to go down there for a bit. After a while it branched off into mtb-ish tracks so I picked the route with the least amount of stinging nettles before making my way back to where I was going.

A tough run, but still good to be out with the wildlife.


4 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. D.Jones

    Hi Anna! My name is Diana. I found your blog through a comment that you left on barefoot ted's blog. I just found his blog through a friend who is just getting in to barefoot running and is passing info on to me…So, as I am reading more about it, barefoot running is sounding very interesting. Can't wait to browse through more of your blog to see the kind of running and training that you do. Can't wait to get to know you better through blogging…you can visit my blog if you like. I am just starting it up…I have lots of ideas of where I want it to go,but like I said I am just starting it. Well, hope to keep in touch. Diana Jones

  2. anna

    Hi Diana! I'm currently too scared of dog poo and bull ants to do much real barefoot running but I'm always in minimalist footwear. Look forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

  3. D.Jones

    Anna! Great to hear from you! Minimalist footwear…I like that! I just started the book, Born to Run…I'm only on chapter 3, but I am loving it so far. How long have you been into the idea of barefoot running? How did you get started? Anyway, I'm loving your blog! You are way inspiring. And, thanks for the advice for my VI…stretching is amazing and I'm feeling lots better this week. Talk to you soon:)

  4. anna

    Haven't read Born To Run but heard many good things about it. I got into minimalist/barefoot running because I had shin splints for 2+ years and like most other amateur runners, had no idea there was a technique to it. After a lot of reading I realised it was the only way to improve. This was about 3 years ago. Although I still have some problems with my biomechanics, I'm more in tune with my body, I know what is wrong, and I know how to fix it. I could never go back to regular running shoes.


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