Sri Chinmoy 5km

Last weekend was the Sri Chinmoy 5km at Princes Park. This first race of the year was for me to see just how much slower I’ve got. Well I did it in 25:08 – shame about those 8 seconds, but it took me at least 1 km to warm up and even then I was really struggling to hold on. I’d like to blame the weather, because it did get warm towards the end, but I honestly didn’t notice it that much.

I wore my Five Fingers, which turned out to be a great choice. My feet just felt so light. Pity about the heavy legs and unusually high heart rate. I passed someone else in FFs and hoped to catch up with him at the end. I only hung around for a few minutes, but maybe he was in the 10km event because I didn’t see him.

Anyway, now I know how slow I am. The next race will be better.


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