2010 goals and new training plan

After all the running I’ve done this year, I have gradually gotten slower. I put it down to 3 ultras in the second 1/2 of the year and also doing my long runs at a more comfortable pace. It served its purpose this year for me because I ran further and longer than before, and my recovery from the ultras this year was much quicker than last. Now I feel confident at distance and know my body can recover well, it is time to change it up and get faster for 2010.

I think it’s important to have goals so you know what you’re aiming for and why you’re doing it. In 2010 I want to run a 20 minute 5k and complete the ultras much faster. No set time for those, except for The Tan Ultra 53.5k I’d like to get under 6 hours.

This is my new plan to get me there, starting this week:

During the week:
All runs will be intervals or tempo runs. If I feel the need to do a recovery run then that will be at a very easy pace and done barefoot, focusing on form.
I will be sure to do additional workouts focusing on my weaknesses. I will be working on strength and/or high intensity workouts combining resistance and cardio.

On the weekend:
Long run will be at a lively pace. I will cut these back to around 16km and gradually increase distance to 30km at the same effort.

I just joined a gym this week (3rd so far this year!). I don’t use machines (except the Concept 2 rower) and stick to the free weights. What I like about this gym is they have a good selection of non traditional equipment that I just can’t afford right now including kettlebells, TRXs and tyres. It’s also good because nobody else uses these OR the squat rack (they’re all queuing for the smith machine) so I don’t have to wait to use anything I want there. To give you an example, here’s what I did today:

Warm up:
A couple of each with empty barbell:
Hang clean, hang squat clean, press, push press, push jerk, front squat, thruster.

Workout #1:
Deadlift 5, 5, 5, 5
Warm up 5 @ 40kg
50, 50, 55, 55
(Could’ve gone heavier but first time doing deadlifts in this gym and conscious of the noise of the weights. Next time I will do it outside where I did workout #2)

Brief stretch

Workout #2:
21-15-9 reps of
Kettlebell swing @12kg
TRX rows
Push ups

Brief stretch


3 thoughts on “2010 goals and new training plan

  1. anna

    Hi Jason,Thanks for stopping by!I'll be setting up an information type website soon relating to my personal training business. I'll include a link to your site there.Cheers!


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