Bruny Island Ultra 64km

Last weekend was the Bruny Island Ultra. I knew I would be slower this year than last but my legs are much stronger now so was expecting less pain overall. I wasn’t expecting to be over an hour slower this time round but now that means I have to get even with this course next year.

Mum and I stayed at the Explorers Cottages in Lunawanna. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area. Very comfortable, the kitchen has everything, there’s a bbq out the back, they even have books, board games, CDs and DVDs and it’s the perfect place to relax.

We left the cottage at 4:30am to get to the start at Dennes Point at 5:30. I had scheduled a 5:30am start (you nominate your start time in this race to time your finish between 12:30 and 2:30pm) but ended up starting about 15mins later.

I really like the first 10km of this run. Maybe even the first 18km. The first 2km are all up hill but I don’t find it treacherous. The scenery is rolling hills and water down below and it is very peaceful at that time of day. After around 18km it starts to flatten out and the scenery is less interesting so I find it a struggle til around 40km. From there you get more rolling hills, nicer scenery and the thought of the finish, but the hills get worse and I’m pretty sure the kilometres get longer too.

At around 20km I started to get twinges in my right ITB. I could tell this is because after the GOW100s I got a massage. The massage therapist really dug into my ITB and I think he loosened it up too much because I have had the odd twinge ever since. I tried to focus on my form but nothing seemed to help. At 25km it was really sore so I took some paracetamol, which did nothing. The camber of the road irritated it more, but of course, being a country road, there were few sections that were even so there was not much proper running I could do. This meant the remaining 40km I was mostly limping up the hills and hobbling the rest. It was a real shame because my left leg was feeling great. Infact, it could’ve happily done another 64km! I was thinking, if only I could hop the course!

Mum was meeting me every 8km at first, then every 6, then every 4 and at the end I left my camelbak with her for a few 2km intervals before battling my way to the lighthouse for a 8:43hr finish. I ate lots of watermelon and strawberries. I cannot express enough how refreshing these foods are on a long run! If you have not yet eaten fresh watermelon during an ultra, make it your plan next time! I also popped a few magnesium and Saltstick caps, drank nearly 2L of water and of course my secret weapon for all runs – homemade boysenberry cordial. I wore my Nike Frees which was a great choice because my feet did not tire at all.

Apart from my stupid right ITB, the race was great! It had the biggest field yet with 19 solo entrants and about 50 teams. As usual, the support from everyone was fantastic. The teams were fabulous later in the day as they all caught up to us solos. My friend Jade was in a team and it was great to get some extra cheering along the way. Got to see a few people from last year, and chat to lots of lovely people. A special shout out and congrats on a super effort to SorryICan’tRememberYourNameInTheBlueSingletWhoReadMyBlog! And to the girl (Jess?) in the yellow singlet! Awesome achievements for your first ultras! Hope to see you back next year!

Since then I have been resting. My ITB is still not 100% (can’t sleep on that side) but my muscles are fine. I have a plan of attack for next year. And I wont let anyone massage my ITB again.


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