Marysville Marathon Running Festival

Yesterday’s long run was 30km and I nearly died in the 27 degree weather. Today it was 33 degrees and I got sunburnt just waiting in line to collect our race numbers at the Marysville Marathon. I can’t imagine how the half mara or 45k runners felt.

Phew, they were giving out caps. Sunscreen alone was not enough protection:

Today I did the 3km event with A. We just walked it. So glad we just walked and took our time. There were over 2000 people across 4 distances at this event. Proceeds went towards rebuilding the community after the Black Saturday Fires in February this year. We also donated extra to the Kingbilli Wildlife Refuge.

It was a nice drive there and back. I like the Black Spur area. The trees are just so unbelievably tall.

The event today started and finished at the oval in the town. It is hard to imagine those who survived were gathered on the oval while flames surrounded them. Walking along the streets you see letter boxes and driveways leading to nothing but maybe a clothesline which survived or a caravan where the owners are living now. It was good to see some homes being rebuilt and the bright green leaves growing on the trees again.

Such a good family orientated event. There was a market and plenty of sponsors stalls, and a merchandise stall with very well priced items. The 3k run itself was only $10 entry. I hope this event continues. It was good to be a part of it and I’ll definitely be back again.

2 thoughts on “Marysville Marathon Running Festival

  1. It ain't so (most of the time)

    The marathon WILL continue ;)The town is thrilled with the public response. It has made everyone realise that there may yet be a future.Many people returned for the day either as volunteers or runners!"Where there is hope, there is loveWhere there is love, there is life.Where there is life, there is ~MARYSVILLE~"

  2. anna

    Thanks for your comment! It's great that so many people came to support Marysville today. I will be back each year as either a participant or volunteer.


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