Maroondah Aqueduct – Yan Yean Pipe Track

Today’s long run is the start of me getting back into things in preparation for the Bruny Island Ultra. It wasn’t a particularly interesting run, and I didn’t even hit 30k (it was 28.8km) but it was the flattest route around here. I will hit the hills from next weekend.

I took in part of the old Maroondah Aqueduct trail in the Bundoora-Reservoir area which then joins up with the Yan Yean Pipe Track.

Mostly people’s backyards back onto the track. There’s an area where there’s factories too. These people have small backyards so they overflow onto the track, planting their own fruit trees, colourful flowers, and kids have created a play area amongst all the other graffiti.

(I got a new phone recently so I hope the photos from now will be better quality)


One thought on “Maroondah Aqueduct – Yan Yean Pipe Track

  1. Tina

    Your pictures are great! Very different from the colours here which are predominantly brown, unless of course there's snow, then everything's white. 🙂


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