Last long run

Today was my last long run before the GOW100km. I have been feeling quite overtrained lately so I set my alarm for 30mins later than usual and decided to skip the planned 30+km and just to do a fast 21km trying to keep my heart rate quite high the whole time. I wore my Adizero PROs because I think I want to wear them for the 100k.

The first 10k were at a brisk pace, even when a magpie swooped into the side of my head and I had to keep turning around and chasing after it. Then I got a bit of a stitch and found it hard to maintain pace.

Once my stitch was over, my left big toe was feeling very sore. On Thursday I dropped a plyo box on it while only wearing Five Fingers and it’s still swollen. So I couldn’t go too fast as it stopped bending properly.

Then I hit the Blue Lake trails and because of the rain some of the track was a bit slippery. I decided to take a scenic route there and follow the trail that hugs a cliff face so I didn’t go too fast then because I didn’t want to slip down a cliff into a river.

I got to the first river crossing and the river was the widest I’d ever seen it. We have had a bit of rain lately and I just stood there staring at this river that had gone from a metre wide trickle to about 6 metres wide. I thought about turning back and going home the way I came but then my 21k run would turn into 30k with no water and I didn’t bring my phone to call home and say I’d be late. There was no choice. I had to cross the river. I so wish I brought my phone to take a picture. The water was knee high, freezing and with a surprisingly strong current. After a lot of careful fumbling around I finally made it to the other side.

So with my freezing wet feet, a swollen toe, and usual sore achillies problems, I trundled on to the next river crossing.

Again I was stunned. This one was even crazier. There is only one way to cross here on this metal thing that goes across. But this was totally flooded over and if I were to miss this slippery metal thing, which would be highly likely, I would probably have to swim across. Not safe.

I knew there was some other trail I could take and make my way to the streets avoiding the last river crossing. At least it didn’t hail today like it was forecast. And I did manage a relatively fast finish for someone with a swollen left big toe and sore right achillies.

So my run was about 23km and I got 59km for the week, which is quite impressive for me. Now I will start to taper. I’ll still run into work next week but I’ll shorten next Saturday’s long run and do a 4km Sri Chinmoy race on the Sunday. Then after that a lot of nothing.


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