Run For The Firies

This morning was the Run for the Firies – a 10km and 4km fun run to raise funds for the CFA just up the road from here. This is the first time I have done a run specifically to support the charity involved.

I just did the 4km because I did 30km yesterday for my long run. The first km was all uphill, then there was the nice flat bit along the Maroondah Aquaduct followed by some super steep downhills which was great for me to practise my downhill running on uneven rocky ground, then a final nightmare of an uphill where my quads started to burn and another steep rocky downhill to the finish. I did it in 20:03 which is pretty good considering the hills and my quads were still quite fatigued from the past week’s workouts and runs. I think I was the 2nd female, although as there was no official timing or anything to indicate who even came first I am just going by the small group of people at the finish.

This weekend I have got some serious gear shopping done for the Great Ocean Walk 100s. I’ll be testing my new pack this week. I didn’t end up finding a head torch at any reasonable price but dad will lend me his Petzl. I’ve just got to get a couple more little things and then I’ll be set. I can’t wait for this run. It will be my first 100km and the furthest I’ve gone. Not to mention it takes place in the most scenic coastal area in the state πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Run For The Firies

  1. Jeff

    Hi Anna,It's on again.www.runforthefiries.comBigger and better with professional timing and a new start venue.Hope to see you there.JeffResearch CFA


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