Rocbloc gaiters

This morning I tested out my new zebra print Rocbloc gaiters on the trails. They are really cool. Especially coz the Nike Frees let so many rocks in on every run so it was great to run on the trails without having rocks in my shoes. I was going to take before and after shots, but even after several river crossings and some rather muddy sections they didn’t end up that dirty. That will be fixed over time.

I discovered a cool new single trail at Blue Lake. After finding myself in a lot of dead ends there I told myself there was no point exploring new trails there but I just can’t help it. If I notice somewhere new I have to go there. There were bike tyre marks on the trail and it’s a fact that mtb riders know all the cool places. I had to pay attention though. One wrong step and I’d be falling a long way into the river. I also saw another cool trail that crossed the river and went up the other side of the gully. That could be the key to making it by trail to the northern Plenty George Park.


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