Since I’ve been tapering this week, I’ve been skipping my runs and going to Crossfit Victoria instead. It’s heaps of fun! For example, I had never tested my 1RM deadlift before. Now I know what it is (and phew thankfully I can lift more than my body weight – I would be embarrassed if I couldn’t!) and now I have a goal for next time šŸ™‚

They present themselves as being a little crazy, hardcore and out there with their high intensity workouts and Black Flag and The Cult blaring from the speakers. But to be honest the training is not much different from what I do myself anyway. The bonus is unlike at the YMCA where I have free gym membership, I do not have to push past a bunch of posers to get to the barbells and I don’t have to squash up amongst people for my workout or drag the barbells and dumbbells out to the stretching area and get in everyone’s way there. Oh, and of course they have kettlebells.

I was concerned that in general Crossfit vids and pics show people with terrible form, but I am a sucker for good form and fortunately so are these guys so I don’t think I’ll see anyone break their backs or tear muscles.

It’s great for me to get new workout ideas to incorporate in clients’ workouts šŸ˜‰ More tools for the toolbox is always good.

The best thing is, I go there in my Vibram Five Fingers without feeling like a total freakazoid. Hopefully I can convert a few more people to the Enlightened Freaky Footwear Tribe šŸ™‚


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