No Entry and Secret Trails

Today was my last long run before the YY5050 so I really wanted to trash myself. After a couple of seemingly innocent CrossFit sessions during the week, I knew my muscles would be already tired. I ate low carb yesterday so I would have already partially depleted glycogen levels and I wanted to tackle some hills so that the 30k would seem like 30miles. I woke up at 3am due to gale force winds and pounding rain. The wind was so noisy I didn’t get a full night sleep. This would be a tough one.

I took in part of the Maroondah Aquaduct trail in Research. I noticed that the council had extended the trail a bit but it was not finished so it said no entry. But the gate was not shut and a sign couldn’t stop me, so I went through. Of course the gate was shut at the other end but that was no problem. It was great running along that exposed ridge in gale force winds. My legs were blown sideways and if anyone saw me they would’ve thought I was a lunatic.

Once I got to the train tracks I realised I could not go home yet because I hadn’t gone far enough. I wont say exactly where I went because I don’t think that follows correct etiquette.

Anyway at some point I came to a river crossing. All the graffiti and messy bike tyre marks in the trails suggested this was some secret area. Whenever I see tyre marks in trails I assume it is a good area to go, because let’s face it, mtb riders know some cool places.

I followed it and found a billion trails leading in all directions, all full of bike tyre marks. From there I discovered a secret dirt jump location in the bush! Hundreds of jumps! Everywhere! Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump! What crazy work! It would have taken so many hours, days, months to build this. Love it! I just looked up this is called the Dimo Jumps.

After checking it out I decided to head home by running the length of Ryans Road, Eltham/Diamond Creek. This is a long road that consists purely of long steep ups and downs. It really trashed my quads. Somehow I ended up closer to home than I wanted because I still hadn’t gone far enough so took a detour along Bonds Rd – a giant up and down. And followed that with the usual torturous Lower Plenty Hills.

I started to feel faint on some of the final uphills. This was great, I now know for the YY5050 I will have to carry some food rather than rely on the support there. I will stock up on dried tropical fruit, strawberries and vegan donuts from La Panella Bakery in Preston. I don’t think I’m into eating donuts while running, but I have become addicted to these as post long run food.


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