CrossFit and FFs

This past week I had a couple of personal training sessions at CrossFit Victoria. I like the idea behind CrossFit. Although since they are usually competing against the clock, looking at youtube vids a lot of them have poor form. And I am not convinced of the Zone diet they have adopted. They have, however, adopted Pose as their approved ‘method’ of running, which is how most barefoot and freaky footwear people run.

At the first session I wore my Volleys. I wear them at the regular gym and for most activities except running. They were approved by the trainer, also in Volleys.

At the next session I decided to get there early, dump my stuff there, and head out for a run as I really hadn’t got many miles in the legs during the week and wanted to catch up. I wore the Five Fingers for the run and couldn’t be bothered putting my volleys on after. The first comment from my trainer was “I’ve got to get some of those. How are they working for you?” It was great for a change to have someone not only be familiar with them but not sceptical and fully supportive.


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