Run Melbourne half

Last weekend I ran the Run Melbourne half marathon. I was aiming for a PB of sub 1:55 and when I am determined and confident I know I will get what I want.

As I was about to put on my Vibram Five Fingers, I had a sudden change of heart and wore the Nike Frees instead. It is not a flat course and I just had a feeling my achillies would not be happy and the Frees might mask the pain.

It was really cold and dark when I got into town but so glad it wasn’t raining like last year.

There was a little fire set up in Fed Square which was a nice touch, although it was not that warm!

I thought it would be interesting to not only reach my goal of <1:55 but to aim for that as gun time.

Heading to the start line at sunrise:

I started off at a good speed and spent most of my time focusing on pace, not dropping back and reminding myself to KEEP GOING! This year they cut out one of the ‘hills’ and added a few loops of the MCG. This was terribly demoralising running around the dreary concrete when you know you could be heading for the 2nd lap and then later towards the finish.

At the 15km mark I started to struggle holding the pace. I was constantly checking my Garmin, working hard with the positive talk, reminding myself only 6k to go… 5k…. 4k Keep Up The Pace! DO NOT SLOW DOWN!! but I did slow a lot from there.

I wore my red skirt with racing stripes and I think that pulled me through to a finish time of 1:54:14. My gun time was slower than last year but with the wave starts there was no way I could catch up.

Even without the Garmin graphs you can see from the split times I slowed a lot at the end:

5km: 26:01
10km: 52:53
Half way: 55:42
15km: 1:22:41
20km: 1:48:21
Finish: 1:54:14

It was a good time considering I haven’t done much speed work, no medium distance runs, and am focusing more on the You Yangs Ultra next month. Although it is a really well organised run with a great atmosphere (great stalls, bands playing at various points in the course, no congestion), I don’t think I’ll do this event again next year – running around the MCG 4 times was not nice and I am not very good at this distance anyway. 5ks and ultras from now.


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