Long run after last night’s intervals

I have come to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t very smart doing some high intensity training last night because today’s long run was so unbelievably slow and my achillies was screaming at me the whole time.

I ran the Yarra Trail and back along the streets. I really like the Yarra Bend Park bit where you can run some single trail. On some parts of the trail on the other side of the river you can see into people’s back yards and be jealous of those who have their own jetties into the Yarra.

After some Yarra enjoyment I hit the streets to head back home. The outside of my right foot started to hurt and I noticed I had been supinating on that foot the whole time. I couldn’t seem to get it to pronate normally. I was wearing the Frees and I don’t think I get this problem in the Five Fingers.

After 25km I slowed down dramatically. It was unbelievable. Now looking at the stats I can see that is where the horrible uphill slog home starts. Not to mention I was hungry and my achillies was limiting the capabilities of my right leg. When I got home I felt really nauseous, stuffed my face with fruit, popped a saltstick cap, ate my normal breaky of oats with raspberries and coffee and now I am waiting for the last of the nausea to pass. I really feel knocked out though and I blame it on the high intesity workout last night.


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