Workout at the oval

Late this afternoon I was lying on the couch infront of the TV very sleepy after doing a 6am shift at the gym as part of my Cert III work experience hours. I hadn’t done any official exercise today but did partake in some core work for the over 50s and after a few of their classes I instructed their core work and stretching. My abs certainly felt it after repeating the class 4 times!

I was amazed at these people who were aged 50 – 80+. I would not have been able to pick their ages, they all looked under 60 to me but obviously their lifestyle was doing their looks a lot of good. Some of them were absolutely ripped with bulging muscles, lifting heavy weights and running on the treadmill. It was great talking to them and I hope when I am retired I can hang out at the gym all day too – some of them were there for 4 hours – part working out, part socialising.

So I was thinking about my sleepiness and lack of exercise compared to the old folk so decided I should hit the track for a workout. I put on my Five Fingers and headed down to the local track. There were a couple of kids being coached as well as some high jumpers, and since I’m not a member of the athletics club I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes there.

So I ran along the river trail to the nearest oval, but more kids were engaging in some kind of sporting activity.

So I ran further along the river trail to the nearest park, but more kids were taking up the whole space, bashing sticks against trees and stuff.

So I ran further along the river trail to the next oval. Of course, not paying attention to any sport at all I completely forgot it is footy season, so the oval was taken up with footy training. I guess the kids were playing football at the previous oval.

So I went to the next oval (yes, there are a lot of ovals around here!) which only had a few people kicking a footy around with their dogs and I did this workout:

1/2 a lap top speed
20 push ups
1 lap top speed
20 push ups
1 lap top speed
20 (supine) reverse rows
1 lap top speed
20 reverse rows
Run home.

I was going to throw in some squats but didn’t want to trash my legs before tomorrow’s scheduled long run. It was hard running in the five fingers because the dirt bits of the oval were quite slippery. Then of course as the light faded I couldn’t really see where I was going so it was hard avoiding the slippery dirt and sticking to the grass. It was nice and soft though. And I felt fast at around 4min/k. I also felt much better getting a workout in, and it was great to see so many people active today!


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