Today’s and last weekend’s long runs were just over 30km and I’m feeling fitter now. I think I’ve worked out the secret to not crashing on the couch all day after a long run – be so busy you don’t have time to crash!

I was out the door around 6:30 this morning, now I have a couple of hours to chill before doing work placement with the Yarra Leisure Centre gyms. I have nearly finished Cert III Fitness, and a course requirement is that you must do 20 hrs work placement. I tell you when you work full time, go to class 2 nights a week, run your side business 2 nights a week and train for ultras there is no time for chilling on the couch. Everything is to a strict schedule! Once I’m done with this course then it’s straight into Cert IV and I’ll be a qualified personal trainer! So that’s my plan!

The run was good today. It was part Yarra Trail, part streets. My achillies really only hurt on the uphills because I am focusing on pulling my foot up under my hip so it is going ok. For a while I noticed my right foot slapping hard on the ground so then I would just hop onto one of the single trails along the Yarra for something easier and nicer:

So far my training for the You Yangs 50/50 is going well. It’s in July but entry forms aren’t up yet. I need to enter soon because I want to do the 50mile option and I need to enter early so I don’t chicken out later and enter the 50km instead.

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