22km Blue Lake and Plenty River

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as this keeps happening this year, but again my race plans have fallen in a heap with the Tan Ultra changing dates. So now I’m going to train for the You Yangs Ultra but still tossing up between 50km or 50mi. I already entered the Sri Chinmoy 1/2 marathon tomorrow so today as the start of some real training I did 22km of trails.

I decided to explore some more of the trails in the Plenty Gorge Park. But since the Blue Lake area used to be a quarry, a lot of the trails are dead ends as they all used to be the roads the trucks would take. Came across a few other runners and a million or so kangaroos.

My achillies killed the whole time. I hate my achillies. I wore the Nike Frees, although I don’t think that had any affect on it. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing my Five Fingers in the half so I will need to watch my form, but it’s a flat course so hopefully it wont hurt so much. I haven’t run that far in the FFs since the Tan Ultra in August last year.


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