Night vision

During the week I run early and am home before first light. I have really poor night vision and lately my weekday runs have not been that good. My area has poor lighting, the street lights are far apart, and because there are so many trees, if you are lucky enough to find yourself under a street light you still can’t see anything because a tree will be blocking the light. Once I actually ran into a tree branch. It was so dark I didn’t even blink and the leaves scratched my eyeball.

I have to slow down and be conscious of lifting my feet high off the ground so I don’t trip over anything I can’t see. The headlights of oncoming traffic is blinding so what I see is either total darkness or blinding light.

Running on the track is ok because there are 4 lights at one end of the track and the white lines are just visible all the way round the track. I can’t focus at a good distance infront of me though because it is too dark for my eyes to focus and they start to hurt. So I look at the silhouette of the tree tops against the sky and crane my neck at a strange angle. Of course I can’t run on the track every day – I would lose my hill running fitness and I might die of boredom.

Next time I run past the local army barracks I should drop in and ask them for some night vision goggles.


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