As much as I enjoy all my running, sometimes laziness gets the better of me.

Friday night I had some time to kill in between work and going to the pub so I went to the gym for the first time in a month or so. I only ever work upper body because I don’t like my legs to be too fatigued for running. So after my upper body was done, I still had some time so I hit the leg press machine with some descending sets and then did ascending sets of stiff legged deadlifts. No, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Saturday is long run day. There’s a new ultra on the calendar that I want to do so I figured I better do some regular 30km runs in preparation. Strangely enough, I woke up on Saturday with sore hamstrings. So I decided I’d do 25km instead. As I was running, my hamstrings were just so fatigued and tight. And I was also annoyed because I just remembered I have to work ALL next weekend so I would not get a long run in then. But 25km would have to do. Anyway, my legs were getting pretty tired so I decided to cut the run shorter to 20km. Heading home, up the terribly steep hill along Plenty River, I had the pleasure of icy cold horizontal rain to battle. I cut the run short at 18km. My hamstrings were killing. Oh well, I could do 18-20km on Sunday and with the fatigued legs that would be similar to a 30km run all in one go.

So today I slept in. My achillies hurt as usual. Perhaps I would just do a workout down at the track. I decided to warm up with Sarah’s MTM warm up and my achillies felt great so maybe I could do a real run. I thought it would be good to go running around the trails near Blue Lake. So I stepped outside and it was raining. I was wearing my Five Fingers. I was not going to run in the mud in Five Fingers because they are too slippery. So I went down to the track and this is what eventuated:

Warm up jog to track.

Prized Lane 3 was being used!!! So I went in Lane 7.

400m hard
pushups x 15 (full pushups only, I refuse to do girly pushups)
400m hard
squats x 40
400m hard
assisted pull ups x 15
400m hard
crunches x 40
400m hard
pushups x 15

jog home.

Each 400m got slower and slower. I swear my legs were moving as fast as possible but my legs were fatigued. It was a good workout. I kinda wish I had bothered to go for a real run though because I have clocked up less than 50km this week.


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