Great Train Race!

Last Sunday was the Great Train Race. My time was 1:09 and I beat the train by a long shot. The train this year was held up either due to faulty breaks or a driver who slept in, depending on where you read about it. Even if the train ran its usual time I still would have just beat it so I am very happy with that.

It was really cold up in Belgrave, but the sun was out and it was a perfect day for running. I started about 20m from the front and even still there was a lot of overtaking people, I was also being overtaken a lot. Due to the narrow road quite a few people fell over. I was surprised at the number of casualties near the end that needed medical treatment – there were quite a few unconcious people on the side of the path in the last 200m. I don’t know why this is. The conditions were perfect. Maybe they all live closer to town where it’s flat and they just pushed too hard on the hills. Maybe even though they looked fit, they weren’t.

I wore the Nike Frees because the hills in the Five Fingers tend to make my achillies worse but I think I could’ve done ok in the FFs. Maybe next year.


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