Next weekend is the Great Train Race. I did this last year and the train beat me by about a minute according to my watch, but my official time was about 3 mins slower due to the disorganisation factor. It took about a minute for me to get from the middle of the pack to the start line, wasted a lot of time trying to push past people and getting stuck behind people on the hills, then at the end there is a disorganised queue at the finish line while you wait for the volunteers to manually clock your time.

The plan next week is to start closer to the front, run like hell and hope for the best.

I only really entered this race because so far this year the races I’ve wanted to do have either been cancelled due to bushfires, or on at an incredibly inconvenient time for me to get there. So I haven’t done any specific training. Yesterday my long run was 27k and I spent the time avoiding hills and enjoying the local trails – kind of the opposite required for the Great Train Race.


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  1. tina

    I just discovered your blog and think it’s brilliant. Thank you for sharing your barefoot running stories and I wish you luck in the Great Train Race.


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