Allendale Road

I missed 2 turn offs today which meant my planned 25km run ended up 32k. I was so buggered at the end. My legs were shaking, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, felt nauseous, and straight after a shower I just curled up in bed for an hour.

The destination today was Allendale Rd, Diamond Creek. Next week a few of us are racing this road – out and back – so I thought I better get some training in. The winner is not the person who goes the fastest, but the person who goes the furthest before taking a walk break. And when you do take a walk break, you have to yell out SOFT ARSE so everyone can hear who is the soft arse in the group.

Today I just took in a couple of kilometres of Allendale as part of my run. Do you see that road in the distance that goes straight up?

I got to this sign and would’ve kept going, but will save that for next weekend. I wanted to head off in a different direction so turned at an intersection near there.

Next weekend is also the date for 1milenation‘s international 1 mile race. Just sign up for free on the website and run 1 mile on a track some time over the weekend. Send in your result and you have just raced with people around the world! There are prizes on offer but I haven’t bothered paying attention to what they are. I have registered, but I don’t know if I will feel like it after the Allendale Rd run.


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